What is Vision Mobilisation?

What is VM?

Vision Mobilisation is a framework for systemic transformation applicable to all people:; individuals, groups, organisations, and communities whoever and wherever they are, and whatever they are doing.

Often when we try to create change in our lives or in the world, we come up against limitations in our own or others’ capacity, and obstacles that mean that the change we want to bring is not possible, is challenging to discern a path to, requires more energy than we can sustainably give, or even threatens our lives.

Vision Mobilisation assumes that we carry a seed of vision for the world in our cells and that this information can be accessed and “mobilised” within the capacity we have. No matter our limitations and obstacles, and how impossible things seem, Vision Mobilisation will find a path towards realising our vision that is fully within our capacity to do.

Vision Mobilisation is changing the lives of people around the world. For those of us holding this work, this quote from Archimedes captures the power of it: “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” In short, nothing is too difficult, too big, too overwhelming, too violent to be beyond our collective capacity to uncover the seed of vision within and bring it into fruition.

We may yet prevail and realign with life.

Where did VM come from?

VM was developed in the field by Emma Quayle and in collaboration with Miki Kashtan and Verene Nicolas. VM is the structural core of the Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) community and is an integration of two bodies of work: the Nonviolent Global Liberation Framework developed initially by Miki Kashtan and Arnina Kashtan’s “The Compass”.

How does it work?

Vision Mobilisation follows some core principles which support discernment about how to mobilise towards vision completely within capacity. Some of these principles are:

  • We create explicit agreements that are vision-based and within capacity. This means everything is within capacity, starting from the vision all the way to the most mundane actions and this combination gives energy!


  • We use as much structure as possible and as much inner work as necessary. This means focusing on creating vision-aligned, in-capacity agreements and only doing internal healing work as necessary to be able to mobilise towards creating and nurturing structures again.


  • Nothing goes to waste. This means that every bit of information is seen as important and the task is to understand how it fits and where it sits within the VM structure so it can be mobilised in a way that is within capacity.

Vision Mobilisation is an interdependent process and its purpose is to reunite humans with our biological capacities to collaborate and ultimately realign with life. Though it is possible to begin the process alone following the Mobilising Towards Vision Packet, it has the most power when applied with the support of someone with experience in VM or an endorsed facilitator.


As part of our own overall commitment to realign with life within our own VM structure for the VM community, we orient to resources through the flow of maternal gifting…

What will your Vision Mobilisation journey give you?

Soon in your journey it is likely you will experience:

  • Increased clarity in purpose, direction of energy and focus for you and/or your group

  • Embeddedness of your values into life in concrete ways giving rise to more integrity and alignment

  • The power of accepting the capacity you have in being able to mobilise the actual resources of you and/or your group, without overstretching

  • Increased energy to move towards what is important to you

  • Quicker discernment about decision making

  • Connection with an extensive web of others bringing VM into their own and others’ lives.

Our experience has been that those who begin to apply the principles of Vision Mobilisation experience surprising shifts and increase in individual and collective capacity to act in integrity to the vision they hold for their lives and the world.

While this website is in the initial stages of creation, we sincerely hope that it will provide enough of a doorway for you, your group, or your organisation to have a sense of how to take some initial steps.

Take your first steps with Vision Mobilisation

Resources to support you with your journey

Whether you are looking to begin your journey with Vision Mobilisation, or to expand your learning to accompany others on their journeys, we are currently in a process of building our community’s capacity to offer various resources to the public including VM facilitation and courses. Please sign up for the NGL newsletter and mailing list to stay up-to-date with information. If you feel aligned with what you find on the NGL website, we invite you to join the NGL community as a Friend, which also gives you access to recordings of the process being facilitated and to attend integration support and coaching calls. Also, check out our recent course on NVC academy below.

Past and upcoming courses

Previous course

Vision Mobilisation Introduction Course 2023

April 25th – May 30th 2023

The sessions will be held every Tuesday for 6 weeks , 08:30 – 11:00 UTC (local time here)

In 2022 NGL held an internal Vision Mobilisation Introduction course. Our aim was to gather feedback from the community to support creation of an “entry level” course that supports participants’ discernment about continuing with VM as a path, by being experientially immersed in it.

The course team is now busy integrating this feedback and gearing up to present the next course to people both inside and outside of NGL.. Dates for this are April 25th – May 30th 2023! You can read more information on our landing page and register for it here.

VM course 2021

We have completed a 7-week introduction to Vision Mobilisation course at the NVC Academy in 2021. You can access the course recording through sign-up on NVC Academy here.

The NGL community

Vision Mobilisation is a core element of the Nonviolent Global Liberation Learning Community Framework. Becoming an NGL Friend is the most direct path by which to access Vision Mobilisation resources for learning, community support, and opportunities to contribute to the expansion of the Vision Mobilisation community. You can join NGL as a Friend here.

Link to TFH / Learning Packet

If you are looking to understand Vision Mobilisation more deeply and begin to accompany others, we invite you to download the learning packet here.

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